How Truckers Can Deal with Trucker Loneliness on the Road

Trucker loneliness and depression are just two of the many mental health challenges that truckers must contend with while completing their duties. In dealing with mental health challenges, it’s essential to explore the trucking lifestyle in greater detail and highlight the options available for responding to major mental health issues in the industry. In this post, we’ll address trucker loneliness on the road for long-haul truckers and ways to help.

trucker loneliness

Bring Pictures with You to Maintain a Connection with Loved Ones

One of the most common reasons for loneliness on the road is the feeling that you’re no longer connected to family life back home. To minimize this feeling of separation, try to keep pictures of your family with you while traveling. Place pictures on your dashboard and in your wallet so that you can always see your loved ones if you start to feel down.

Keep a Set Schedule

When traveling, a leading cause of loneliness for truckers is that they often lose track of their schedule and therefore don’t have a clear idea of the timing for their return home. If you’re about to set off for a long trip with your trucking firm, make sure you have a set schedule for your return. Provide your family members with clear information about your intended plan so they can look forward to you arriving back home and welcoming you.

Have a Communication Option

Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, or a cell phone, ensure that you have a viable communication option each day as you travel across the country. Even if you don’t have the time to make contact with your loved ones on a specific traveling day, keeping the option of communication open will help you stay comfortable as you travel. It will also mean that your family members can contact you at any time if there’s an emergency, helping keep your mind at ease if you have young children at home.

Take a Pet on Your Trip

The latest data is clear in showing that loneliness is a leading factor in the declining mental health of truck drivers. One way to mitigate this feeling of loneliness is for you to travel with a pet. Your family dog can travel with you in your truck and help you feel connected to your family in the weeks ahead. Remember to follow your vet’s guidance in keeping your pet healthy on the road. Schedule regular checkups when you’re home, and ensure the animal has access to healthy meal options and plenty of water.

Try to Meet Other People During Your Trip

You’re given several hours of free time each day to rest and recuperate during your travels. Try to use some of this time to meet with others. It might be saying “hello” and having a conversation at a local diner or speaking with other truckers at common local stops. Whatever it is, try to have at least one social interaction each day to stay sharp and stave off the feeling of loneliness.

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