Load Board Tools To Find Truck Loads, Compare Freight Rates and Map The Best Trucking Route

Load Board Tools That Save You Time and Money!

Innovative load board tools for the trucking industry

123Loadboard providesĀ user-friendly trucking tools to help professional truck drivers find loads to haul and increase business revenues. Engage with new and user-friendly trucking tools to search and find loads. Use our tools to compare and negotiate rates, and realize how to plan the best truck routes to deliver your load. If you are a freight broker looking to post loads, find trucks, track and monitor carriers, create a posting account.

See our load board in action!

Find Loads

Find Loads

Find loads and truck freight on our web and mobile platforms. Watch video.


  • Search for loads 24/7
  • Find backhauls fast
  • Reduce your empty miles
  • Find loads by radius, State or Zip
  • Find Van, Flatbed, Reefer, Hot Shot
Website & Mobile App

Website & Mobile App

FreeĀ mobile app and load board toĀ helpĀ truck drivers find loads.


  • Find loads by GPS, City, State or Zip
  • Find backhauls from anywhere
  • Search thousands of loads daily
  • Call directly from free mobile app
  • Get mileage, map, credit & rates
Trip Builder

Trip Builder

Book multiple consecutive loads to increaseĀ profits. Watch video.


  • Search and plan your trip
  • Easily book multiple truck loads
  • Find the highest paying loads
  • Automatically calculate revenues
  • View deadhead miles and fuel costs
Mileage & Routing

Mileage & Routing

Map your load route with accurate truck mileage, routing & toll costs. Watch video.


  • Accurate truck mileage
  • Turn-by-turn trucking directions
  • Toll costs, distance &Ā drive time
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Calculator
  • Powered by PC*Miler (ALK)
Rate Check Calculator

Rate Check Calculator

View industry rates to calculate revenues and negotiate better rates. Watch video.


  • Research industry price averages
  • Compare your offered rate
  • Better estimate your load revenues
  • Negotiate better rates
  • Review and compare average rates
Credit Scores/Reports

Credit Scores/Reports

Review company payment trends before you book and haul a load.


  • View credit scores
  • Confirm days-to-pay
  • Review trade experiences
  • View last payment date
  • Download credit reports
Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications

Get instantly notified of any new load matching your truck.


  • Get first access to any new load
  • Alerts tailored to your truck
  • Book better loads before others
  • Reduce your deadhead mileage
  • Truck load alerts run 24/7
Quick Pay

Quick Pay

Get paid for your load instantly through our factoring partner.


  • Invoice Factoring by Thunder Funding
  • Free Fuel Cards
  • Fuel Lines of Credit
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Fuel Advances 7 days a week
Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards

Save at the pump and reduce your expenses with a better fuel card.


  • Free to enroll
  • No set-up or monthly fees
  • Huge discounts of up to 60 cents per gallon
  • Fuel Lines of Credit Available
  • Accepted at 14,000 locations