Our History

Creating Load Board Solutions and Innovative Tools
For Truckers, Brokers and Shippers

A freight matching service that is now a tradition

Our founders recognized the need for a freight matching service where transportation professionals like carriers, owner-operators, brokers and shippers could connect and negotiate rates and terms for individual loads in order to move more freight across North America. Since 2004, 123Loadboard has grown to become one of the leading freight matching services in the northern hemisphere, with a focus on usability, customer service, and the continued development of new, state-of-the-art tools, all while keeping their subscription cost lower than the competition.


Our Story


  • 123Loadboard Partners with vHub to enable power only carriers to haul, rent, and share nearby trailers to generate additional revenue
  • 123Loadboard Partners with Matrack to provide seamless load posting


  • 123Loadboard Partners with Axele to Provide Seamless Load Searching with matching carriers to loads
  • 123Loadboard Partners with ShipmentX to offer seamless Load Posting, Load Searching & Truck Posting while providing Shippers, Brokers and service providers with end-to-end visibility
  • 123Loadboard Partners with BBI Logistics to Provide Seamless Load Posting
  • 123Loadboard Partners with aifleet to utilize a new business model of allowing drivers to search for and book appointment only loads
  • 123Loadboard Partners with Parade.ai to Provide Book Now and Bidding Capability to its Carrier Base
  • Launches Online Bidding to Provide Carriers More Control
  • 123Loadboard Partners with TAI TMS to Provide Seamless Load Posting
  • 123Loabdoard Partners with AscendTMS for In-Depth Load Searching Integration
  • 123Loadboard Partners with DigCargo to Provide Seamless Load Posting and Load Searching
  • 123Loadboard Introduces Load Exporting with Integration Partner Cotasystem
  • 123Loadboard adds Instant Messaging to streamline freight booking
  • 123Loadboard launches 123Connect, a platform that seamlessly syncs all forms of software to connect, exchange, and transfer messages regardless of communication method, software application, or device.
  • Launches a document capturing and storage feature with full cross-platform and device synchronization.



  • Launched our next-generation load search with automatic real-time updates
  • Launched a new load board layout with better navigation
  • Launched 1-click funding to help improve owner-operator cash flow
  • Launched document capturing and storage
  • Launched load status updates
  • Launched Rate Check (v. 3.0)
  • Launched next-generation load board app to modernize freight matching (v. 4.0)
  • Integrated FMCSA data for available trucks
  • Reached 300,000 mobile app downloads


  • Released Truck Locator (v. 2.0) with additional features focused on data and real-time truck capacity
  • Adopted “React” technology for a faster webpage and app building platform
  • Integrated with Post Everywhere to connect loads with drivers quicker
  • Launched 10 new Android and iOS app features, including Live Automatic Refresh
  • Fuel Card launched to help carriers save on fuel and manage their expenses


  • Mobile notification center launched to aggregate load alerts
  • Completed migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • GPS-Based load alerts launched for carriers to reduce empty miles
  • Reached 200,000+ mobile app downloads
  • Launched Truck Locator for brokers to find GPS verified truck availability
  • 123Loadboard integrates with TMW Systems


  • 123Loadboard launches redesigned website
  • Reached 100,000+ mobile app downloads
  • Launched new mobile app user interface for Android devices
  • Launched new mobile app user interface for iOS devices
  • Partnered with Thunder Funding to offer Quick Pay and Fuel Advance programs


  • Launched mobile app for Android devices
  • Launched Load Planner (v. 3.0)


  • Launched mobile app for iOS devices
  • Partnered with ScoopMonkey to offer a review and rating system
  • Launched Load Planner (v. 2.0)


  • 123Loadboard.com gave $75,000 for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW)
  • Participated in Tough Mudder 2013 to promote health in the trucking industry and raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project
  • Launched Load Planner with the latest load board technology
  • 123Loadboard.com founders featured in Advantage Magazine


  • 123Loadboard.com gave $75,000 for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW)
  • Launched Rate Check tool to measure profitability of truck lanes
  • Participated in Tough Mudder 2012 to promote health in the trucking industry and raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project
  • Partnered with FreightGuard to offer Trip Cargo Insurance
  • Partnered with MacroPoint to offer freight location tracking


  • 123Loadboard.com Gave $50,000 for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW)
  • Launched a Search Directory with over 1.2 million listings
  • Posting integration with Mercury Gate
  • Posting integration with Tailwind Management Systems


  • Launched Advanced Instant Alerting
  • Posting integration with 3PL Systems Inc


  • Expanded internationally with a freight matching load board in South Africa
  • Launched integrated FMCSA and SaferSys data
  • Launched carrier monitoring/qualifying tool for brokers


  • Ranked #3 among online freight matching websites (survey conducted by the Alfa Group)
  • Joined as a member of the American Trucking Association (ATA)
  • Joined as a member of the Truckload Carrier Association (TCA)
  • Joined as a member of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA)
  • Joined as a member of the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA)
  • Joined as a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)


  • Posting integration with Aljex Software
  • Upgraded servers to enhance load balancing and improve speed and throughput


  • Posting integration with Mcleod Software
  • IT infrastructure re-valuated


  • 1,000,000th load search performed on the 123Loadboard
  • Achieved top-5 ranking in freight matching


  • 123Loadboard founded


123Loadboard Today

Today, we provide the highest level of customer service while helping carriers, brokers, and shippers to excel in the trucking industry. We use the latest technology to provide members with real-time information about loads and trucks throughout North America. As our competitors increase, we seek and create new alternatives to maximize customer revenues and loaded miles. Use of our website and mobile app will help increase your business revenues. Our mobile app is one of the top-rated load board apps in the industry today.


We Are Different

123Loadboard is different than other freight matching services. We provide you with all the load and truck search options that you need for one flat monthly rate. For those who are only looking to post loads, we offer free posting accounts with an integration. We are partnered with over 30 different companies serving the transportation industry. We work with the best because we strive for excellence at every level of engagement. Through our network of partners, we continue to expand our expertise to create competitive load board solutions that meet and exceed your needs.


Supporting The Trucking Industry

123Loadboard.com is a proud member of many trucking organizations across North America.