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123Loadboard’s APIs are designed to be platform and language-independent using industry standard REST protocol. This allows any partner or transportation management system (TMS) to access 123Loadboard’s innovative and industry-leading load board solutions.



The 123Loadboard API is built on HTTP. Our API is RESTful and it:

  • Uses predictable, resource-oriented URLs.
  • Uses built-in HTTP capabilities for passing parameters and open standard OAuth for authentication and authorization.
  • Responds with standard HTTP response statuses to indicate errors while returning precise error codes and user-facing messages.
  • Returns JSON.
  • Handles various OAuth schemes to support various third-party integration scenarios.
REST API Reference

REST API Reference

123Loadboard has 100+ endpoints available for all the touch-points of freight matching. Our available API’s include Load Searching, Load Posting, Truck Posting, Rate Check, Mileage & Routing and authentication.

Getting Started

Getting Started

We are here to help with all API credentials. Guides about authentication and other things that are unique to 123Loadboard’s API can be requested by contacting us.

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