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Thunder Funding

Spacer123Loadboard is partnered with Thunder Funding to provide professional truck drivers with immediate access to cash through the most innovative factoring program in the trucking industry. With Fuel Advances available 7 days a week, Quick Pay always keeps you rolling. For the trucking and freight industry, this means that trucking companies will no longer have to bear the burden of front-loading fixed costs over a lengthy duration.

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Lightning-fast invoice factoring for trucking and freight transportation to secure transactions and provide continuous cash flow.

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Fuel Advances

Lots of brokers and shippers have great freight but just don‘t offer a fuel advance option. That‘s where our factoring partner can help! Get cash within 15 minutes after your truck is loaded!

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Free Fuel Cards

Fuel accounts for nearly 40% of your operating expenses. Using a fuel card for your trucking business is a great way to reduce overall expenses and allows you to purchase fuel at the cash price or even at a discounted price rather than using a credit card and overpaying at the pump for credit pricing.

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About Thunder Funding

Thunder Funding does more than just provide factoring services to the transportation industry. If you have questions about factoring, quick pay, fuel cards or fuel advances, speak to our factoring partner.

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