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All of your communications synchronized

Everybody has their own way to communicate. Some use email, some use instant messaging, all using many different software. The one problem these have in common? If the broker and carrier aren’t using the same tools, messages could be lost and communication could be broken.

That’s where 123Connect comes in. You keep using the tools and methods you prefer and we’ll make sure everyone’s communication remains up-to-date and unbroken.


123 Connect

Service specifications

Phase one is complete and allows seamless communication between our app, website, and email.

Communicate with multiple carriers at once to save time and find the most qualified carrier for your load. Exchange messages with carriers directly in real-time to clarify the details and negotiate rates – all before making a single call.


Start communicating

Start communicating

Once activated, the ability to send you a message will appear on all of your loads for thousands of carriers to easily contact you.

Find the right carrier

Find the right carrier

Receive immediate access to Carrier authority information to review onboarding status or qualify them before your first reply.

Follow up with loads

Follow up with loads

123Connect allows you to exchange messages with the carrier after the load has been picked up for you to seamlessly keep track of your load from dock-to-dock.

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