Pet Therapy for Truck Drivers

The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Truck Drivers

Truck driving is a stressful job that can lead to periods of loneliness. It’s important that truck drivers have access to resources to combat these issues, which has led to some companies offering pet therapy for truck drivers who spend many hours on the road hauling truckloads. In this latest post, we’ll explore pet therapy for truck drivers as well as the benefits and tips for ensuring pet safety on the road.

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Why Bring Pets on the Road?

Data from a recent research study found that 27% of truckers identified loneliness as the leading issue facing them on the road. Bringing your family dog on the road with you can help to prevent this common problem and give you a sense of purpose beyond your trucking duties. In addition, caring for an animal on the road allows you to feel connected to your family, even while miles away, completing truck freight deliveries. Bringing pets along for the drive is becoming a more popular option the more we learn about these long-standing benefits.

Tips for Pet Safety on the Road

Now that you have a clear sense of the benefits of bringing pets on the road, it’s time to learn a little more about how to maintain pet safety. Take the following tips into consideration when you bring pets on the road with you:

Bring Large Amounts of Food and Water

You’ll be outside the home for several weeks depending on your schedule. Make sure that you bring large amounts of food and water with you and review your pet’s dietary needs while you travel. Often, the best options are organic pet foods that will help your furry loved one stay in their ideal condition for the weeks ahead.

Make Sure You Schedule Vet Visits

Your pets will still require access to veterinary care on the road. When traveling, you should ensure that you know the contact information for the local veterinary professionals so that you can call them at a moment’s notice if your pet experiences a health issue. In between your trips, you should also schedule visits with your home vet so that your pet can go through a checkup.

Consider Pet Insurance

One of the more common mistakes truckers make when taking their pets on the road is failing to consider pet insurance options. Rather than paying out thousands of dollars at once if your pet requires emergency treatment, you can use pet insurance to reduce your costs. For a few dollars per month, you can safeguard your pet’s health and your finances while you travel together.

Let Pets Out of the Truck Frequently

In taking care of your pets, you should also ensure they are let out of the truck frequently for fresh air. Ensure that you have access to a comfortable harness and leash and take your pets for play outside the truck several times a day. These walks will also benefit your mental and physical health while on the road.

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