Using Sensor Technology to Find Parking Spots

For truckers nearing the end of their driving shift and approaching their required rest break, finding a safe spot for their mandated break hours is anything but easy. If there are not enough spots at a truck stop, truckers can waste valuable time searching for parking. Implementing sensor technology will soon make it easier for drivers to find a parking spot.

Sensor Technology

The vast majority of truckers report spending over 15 minutes searching for a parking spot for breaks, with some attempts taking an hour or more if spots are even available at all. With all the safety concerns that truckers need to take into account when worrying about long hours of service, spending extended time searching for parking can be dangerous for both truckers and their fellow motorists.

A Safety Issue… and a Whole Lot More

Truckers going over their hours are obviously a huge safety issue, but the problem is even bigger than that. In addition to posing the obvious risk management concerns, using time and fuel to search for parking costs trucking companies as well. Many companies have realized that in addition to increasing dangerous situations for motorists, time spent by truckers searching for parking has negative effects on their bottom line.

Sensor Technology – A Solution Is In Sight

Fortunately, many states have recognized the issue and are working hard to implement technologies that will give truckers a helping hand. The states of Kansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin are teaming up and using federal funds to install a sensor technology system that will automatically detect where and when parking spots are open for truckers. This technology will connect with highway road signs and mobile devices that truckers can access to alert them of the availability of parking spots at designated truck trucks.

While the  sensor technology is still being implemented, this program will be of great assistance to truckers. In addition to helping them avoid going over their hours of services, it will enhance overall motorist safety and reduce potential endangerment.


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