123Loadboard adds document capturing, storage, and load status updates

To help improve truck drivers cash flow and reduce their costs, 123Loadboard digitizes its load booking and delivery process through an increased automation flow.

123Loadboard announces they have improved the synergy in their load board workflow by adding document scanning, capturing and storage to seamlessly integrate its load booking and delivery process.

Relevant documents can now be attached to any corresponding load in the 123Loadboard app. Carriers are able to aggregate their load details quickly for any load and submit relevant electronic documents to 123Loadboard’s factoring partner, Thunder Funding, or their current one, at the start of the transaction process to accelerate the payment process.

My documents

Book any load and update the status

You can now book any load and update the delivery status every step of the way.

When viewing a load on our mobile app, click the ‘Update Status’ section as shown below and you will be able to mark the load as booked, scheduled for pickup, pickup complete, load on route, and delivered.

load status

You’ll also be able to upload documents along the way to keep everything nicely stored with that load. Need a fuel advance or want to get paid faster? Use the links provided and our partner, Thunder Funding, will help you.

Capture & Store Documents

You can now easily capture, upload, and store your documents using our mobile app available on Android and iOS.

Open the 123Loadboard app, go to ‘more’ and select the My documents tool. Start uploading documents relating to onboarding, a specific load, or anything else you wish to organize, like fuel receipts.

document capture and storage

Uploading documents is fast and easy. You can organize documents by file type and in folders that you manage and control. The tool also allows you to send any document by email or fax and submit them to Thunder Funding for quicker payment.

Benefits of using My documents:

  • Capture, upload, and store your documents
  • Attach documents to any load
  • Submit documents for quicker payment

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