Improve Your Chances of Booking Loads with Carrier Identity

As a professional truck driver, finding the best truck loads can be challenging – from weeding through loads that don’t pay well, to having to onboard with new brokers in order to haul freight, etc. What if there was a solution? Carrier identity helps professional truck drivers book loads faster.

Top-rated load boards such as 123Loadboard revolve around trust and as a carrier there’s no better way than to start by verifying your DOT#. Verifying your DOT# and profile ensures all users are offered quality data so that they can feel confident that their transactions are credible and secure. Also, by verifying your DOT#, you are letting brokers and shippers know that you are a legitimate business and that you are who you say you are. This speeds up onboarding and lets you book more loads.

Carrier Identity is available on 123Loadboard.

verify your DOT

“123Loadboard’s identity verification system saves time, effort, and energy by allowing customers to be sure of the other party’s identity before running further checks on their reputation”, says Loarn Metzen, Co-founder, 123Loadboard.

By verifying your DOT number and other credentials on your load board account, you can enjoy several benefits that can help you expand your business and connect with more customers. It will increase your reputation for reliability and allow you to get more loads and opportunities to succeed while building trust with other industry professionals.

“Our load board platform has always revolved around trust. Verifying the information our customers provide is a vast undertaking, but it fits our company’s aspirations of ensuring all users are offered quality data so that they can feel confident that their transactions are credible and secure,” says Rafi Hagopian, Head of Product, 123Loadboard.

Carriers using 123Loadboard’s freight matching platform go through an updated carrier verification process to confirm their identity, after which a confirmed identity icon is displayed to freight brokers on the carriers’ profile. Brokers and shippers can immediately identify whether the carrier to whom they wish to assign the load is verified and a legitimate business partner.

123Loadboard confirms that carrier identity verification will add more credibility to its freight matching marketplace as the company focuses on improving user experience to maintain its position as the highest-rated load board app in the trucking industry. Providing enhanced functionality of this nature is key to enabling the freight brokers that post their available loads to make more informed decisions, ensuring that their clients’ cargo is in good hands and will be delivered safely and on time.


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