Safety Tips for Truck Drivers On The Road

Driving safely is easier said than done. Every driver who has been trucking for any length of time knows the basic rules of the road for safety, but, every now and then, either a reminder or a few trucking safety tips can help. Staying safe on the road, particularly during winter weather can be hard, and while roadside assistance is just a phone call away if something goes wrong, no trucker wants to make that call.

safety tips

Here are 9 safety tips for commercial truck drivers:

  1. Don’t change lanes too often and always signal. No matter how vigilant a driver is, the fact is that trucks have major blind spots.
  2. Take frequent breaks. Stretching and frequent exercise breaks are necessary for truckers to stay alert and they also help in terms of long-term driver health, too.
  3. Always have and maintain proper weather- and terrain-related equipment. No one wants to contend with winter weather in the mountains, and it only gets worse without tire chains.
  4. Give other drivers space. Most trucking collisions are caused when a truck hits the vehicle in front of it. Commercial trucks take a long time to brake and ensure proper distance helps avoid potential collisions.
  5. Adhere to driver hour restrictions. Perhaps the most critical part of trucking safety occurs off the road. Sleep, rest, and relaxation are all necessary components of trucker safety.
  6. Be aware of the weather. In winter, be ready to slow to below the speed limit if necessary. Try to keep a full tank to avoid fuel line condensation. Use common sense and remember that bridge surfaces can freeze, jeopardizing driver safety.
  7. Don’t forget that other drivers on the road may act erratically. Consider the use of flashers.
  8. Avoid idling the truck whenever possible, but if you must, keep the windows rolled up.
  9. If pulled over to the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance, be sure to utilize flashers, cones, and even road flares to alert fellow truck driver.

Driving safety, particularly trucking safety, involves a long series of small individual decisions. Trucking isn’t just the time spent on the road, it is a series of life choices involving sleep, rest, and relaxation as well. These trucking safety tips for truckers are a start, but making the right decision every time can help everyone get home safe and sound.


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