What to Expect from the Trucking Lifestyle in 2021

Trucking is one of the most demanding jobs in the current economy, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. Having a clear understanding of the expectations of your role as a truck driver can give you the foundation you need for a successful career. Our team at 123Loadboard has significant experience in addressing questions about the trucking industry, and in this new post, we’ll explain what you can expect from the trucking lifestyle.

trucking lifestyle

The Benefits of the Trucking Lifestyle

First, it’s essential that we look at the benefits of the trucking lifestyle and what you can look forward to when you become a trucker. These benefits include:

Job Stability

There is significant job stability in the trucking industry due to high levels of demand in the marketplace and the value that companies place on their trucking workforce. Fleets also struggle to retain drivers, so if you maintain your driving record and you’re committed to the job, you will likely have access to a healthy job marketplace throughout your working life.


Another important consideration when choosing a job as a trucker is the flexibility provided by the work. You’ll have a different schedule each day, and you’ll be given the opportunity to find loads and choose your working schedule the majority of the time. That will mean you can plan your work around important occasions in your life to ensure you can spend time with your loved ones.

New Challenges Daily

If you prefer new surroundings each day, driving a truck could be the ideal option for you. You’ll discover a new environment regularly when driving your vehicle across the country and you’ll meet a range of people throughout your working life. Your job responsibilities will also evolve as the technology changes, giving you access to new working opportunities.

The Downside of the Trucking Lifestyle

While you should always balance the positive elements with the drawbacks when choosing a professional trucking career, simply making sure you’re aware of these challenges can make all the difference in your career success:

Long Periods Away from Home

When you’re driving a truck for a living, you won’t simply be able to go back home at the end of the day to see your family. You’ll spend significant periods away from your loved ones while driving your truck. However, you can maintain contact via cell phone, online video messaging systems, and even travel with your pet. The latest technology has helped to limit this potential issue.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: Diet & Exercise

You may also find yourself adopting an unhealthy lifestyle in the long-term when you become a trucker. Many truckers simply become used to the driving work and don’t step out of their comfort zone to exercise or change their diet. You can avoid falling victim to this issue by planning your time outside your truck and choosing healthier eating options when they become available.

Also, as a long-haul truck driver in 2021, you might be exposed to COVID-19 when in close contact with truck stop attendants, store workers, dock workers, other truck drivers, or others with the virus. Touching or handling frequently touched items and then touching your face, mouth, nose, or eyes should be avoided.

Make sure you consult closely with qualified industry professionals before taking that position as a professional trucker. Our experts have years of industry experience and can answer each of your questions.


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