Signs of Human Trafficking

A Guide to the Signs of Human Trafficking for Truckers

Those in the trucking industry can take a proactive role in mitigating human trafficking. While you’re on the road, stopping at small restaurants and lodgings, you may encounter victims or perpetrators of human trafficking. Here are some of the signs of human trafficking and how you can take action against this horrific crime.

human trafficking

The Victim is Being Watched by Others

One of the most visible signs of human trafficking is when a person is being watched as they take on normal activities. If you notice that a person is being watched closely as they make their way into a gas station, for example, this could be a sign that they are being controlled and don’t have the ability to get away from the situation. Learn more by watching the Truckers Against Trafficking Training Video

The Individual Won’t Be Able to Tell You Their Destination or Location

Often if you are a long-haul trucker hauking truck loads, you will find yourself at a truck stop alongside several others. A victim of human trafficking might seem worried or anxious. If you strike up a conversation with the person and find that they can’t tell you their current location or their destination, that may be a sign they are being trafficked. Human traffickers won’t tell their victims a location in order to prevent them from being able to plan an escape.

They Have Scripted Communication

There are many instances when you find yourself speaking with a person whose conversational style seems scripted. But when you meet someone whose story seems inconsistent, or they repeat specific answers or phrases without providing more details, this could indicate they are involved in human trafficking.

The Trafficking Victim Seems Malnourished

Those who are being trafficked throughout the country will not have a steady diet that protects their health. They may appear to be malnourished and weak, which is particularly true when children are being trafficked across the country. Children are highly dependant on their captors when they are trafficked, and if the traffickers don’t provide them with nutritional food, they quickly become weak and malnourished.

They Seem Fearful of Law Enforcement

In many cases of human trafficking, you’ll find the victims are fearful of law enforcement because they have been party to criminal activity or immigration services as a result of their current immigration status. If you are speaking with someone you suspect is a human trafficking victim, they may be hesitant to let you call the police for them. Don’t place additional stress on the individual if you speak with them, but you may wish to alert the authorities once you have the vehicle information.

Steps to Take if You Suspect Human Trafficking

So now you know a little more about the signs a person is involved in the human trafficking trade, here are the steps you can take to offer help:

● Contact Truckers Against Trafficking
● Offer to call a loved one to help
● Ask if you can alert the police for them
● Give them your contact details
● Call the police immediately if you suspect they are under threat


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