Advantages of Book Now Technology on Load Boards

Book loads allows brokers to post and book loads quickly on 123LoadBoard.

Technological advancements in the logistics industry have been slow when compared to what other sectors have accomplished. However, many load boards have introduced Book Now – a way for both brokers and carriers to improve efficiency and productivity allowing them to enhance their profitability.

The simple process allows brokers to post their loads with all the details such as weight, addresses, dimensions, and the rate for carriers. Carriers see the loads and if interested can either click “book now”, or suggest a higher rate to see if the broker is willing to accept their bid. All of this is managed online, avoiding wasted time on the phone. The entire process makes everything easier with many benefits to carriers that choose the online booking method.

book now using 123loadboard for brokers and carriers

Book Now Technology

Book now technology allows for instant freight booking so brokers, shippers, and trucking companies can work smarter and faster. This approach to online booking allows brokers to post to load boards where carriers are able to search for what they want and are able to instantly tap book now. Rates are transparent so there is no need to worry about finding a fair rate. There is no time wasted negotiating between brokers and carriers. Instead everyone wins as everyone gets what they need in the process. An instant book now option creates a smooth transaction between the carriers booking the loads, and the brokers who post them, reducing the time it takes to find loads and negotiate rates.


This is a buzzword tossed around in just about every industry and carries a large importance within logistics. With online booking for brokers and carriers, the entire process becomes more transparent because prices are regulated and appear in black and white. As mentioned carriers can pass on a load, book it, or negotiate a higher price online. Because orders are tracked in real time, customers can see where their loads are, reducing demand on customer service. This translates into more money towards fleet owners and their drivers. It allows for growth, while also helping trucking companies avoid empty loads for return trips. Anything load boards, shippers, carriers, and brokers can do to improve transparency will only make this amazing industry even better.

Simplified Tracking

Carriers can track drivers using tracking technology. Once trucks are deployed, the apps provide real time visibility so it is easier to know when trucks will arrive or when delays can be expected. Not only does this make supervision easier, but it also allows companies to provide accurate arrival times to their clients.

Digitized Payments

Online booking facilitates timely payments, eliminating lengthy invoice processes. Instead, payments are made online, providing an easier standardization of rates. This reduces time spent invoicing and tracking accounts receivable, while making payments easier for clients.

Real Time Fleet Management

Online booking from load boards for brokers and carriers makes fleet management easier as everything is managed in real time. You always know where your trucks are so that bookings become more efficient. As mentioned, you will see less costly empty loads on return trips when you can become more precise in timing bookings to coordinate with locations. You no longer need to follow up with drivers, but instead both drivers and managers have all the logistics managed through a single app. This includes scheduling, route management, location management and easier navigation for fuel savings.

Online booking allows carriers to expand their reach and keep their fleets busy. Everything is automatic allowing for improved efficiencies and a reduction of empty loads for return trips.


This is where 123Loadboard comes in – bringing carriers, brokers, and shippers together via technology. At it’s most basic level, 123Connect allows the carrier to communicate with the broker and shipper posting a load to negotiate rates and confirm details. But that’s only scratching the surface. An easy-to-use instant bidding system is also part of what this powerful tool can do. Providing the ability for all parties to send real-time responses and counteroffers as well as the ability to send documentation through the system itself brings 123Connect to the next level. But that’s not all, our talented development team has been working tirelessly to make it even better. Keep your eyes open, Book Now is coming soon!


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