Our 2022 Year in review and what’s next for 2023

As we exit 2022, we want to thank all our customers and definitely want to reflect on some successes for the past year but first, our #1 priority for 2023 is:

truck freight

The entire 123Loadboard team is geared up to help increase available truckloads for all carriers to haul. It is our responsibility as a top-rated load board to provide our customers with the quantity and quality of loads needed to keep their trucks on the road.

This is our promise to you in 2023

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2022 Achievements and Product Updates

We’re thrilled to the bone to announce that 123Loadboard has been a high-performing product all year round. We couldn’t have achieved this without your consistent motivation and support.

Here are some important items that we were able to accomplish this past year:

  • Became the highest-rated load board in the industry
  • Improved website and mobile app interface
    • Updated most of our website and mobile apps to provide a more consistent experience – no matter the platform you are using.
  • Added more tools
    • Launched dozens of new carrier and broker features, including new dashboard interfaces.
  • Ensured uptime and functionality
    • Fixed bugs to continuously ensure our services remain efficient and online.
  • Expanded product offering
  • More loads than ever!
    • Registered 3,700+ new brokers and shippers to increase the number of loads available to search through.
  • Better loads to choose from
    • More companies have started posting more detailed loads, including pickup times, drop-off times, weights, lengths, rates, commodities, etc. Brokers are helping with this initiative.

Most Popular Posts on Our Blog

Out of our published blog posts, the following have been the most popular:

2023 Product Roadmap

  • Book now
  • Enhanced Messaging
  • Automated Messaging
  • Tracking
  • ELD

These are a few, but we aim to make 123Loadboard richer in experience and usability in the coming year. THANK YOU for being a part of our family; we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this without you! ?

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Wishing you a safe and prosperous New Year!


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