Bad driving habits: Truck drivers should be careful on the road

bad driving habits

If there’s one thing every truck driver takes some pleasure in doing it’s complaining about four-wheel vehicles on the road. Such remarks are often justifiable, but it’s also fair to say not everybody who hauls freight is perfect on the road. Truck drivers can display bad driving habits, and it might be worthwhile trying to recognize if you do as well. It can only make life on the road safer for everybody. Here are eight types of bad behaviors by truck drivers.

1. Atrocious passing

Everybody understands freight haulers have somewhere to be and need to overtake slow-moving cars, but if not done properly a truck can block several lanes of traffic at once. There’s a time and place to make your move. Choose wisely.

2. Bad lane discipline

Staying in your lane is key in all circumstances, but it’s even more important for the safety of all vehicles for truck drivers to remain strictly between the lines. Large-sized rigs can compromise other cars if they don’t adhere to these rules.

3. Use of smartphones

Just like any other person on the road, no truck driver should be on their smartphone while operating a vehicle. If you need to make calls, it’s recommended you use a hands-free device so you can keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

4. Eating while driving

Similar to using smartphones, truckers should not eat or drink while hauling freight. It’s an easy habit to get into considering the lifestyle of a truck driver, but it can be distracting and cause one to lose concentration.

5. Tailgating

It can be a problem on both sides. Truck drivers hate tailgaters, and four-wheel drivers feel the same about truckers. We need to watch out for each other and put a stop to it altogether.

6. Poorly secured cargo

Always make sure your load is secure before embarking on a journey. Even if you’re in a rush. Cargo that isn’t secure can compromise your delivery and be devastating to other cars on the road.

7. Careless parking

There may be times a truck must be parked in a small lot not designed for large vehicles. It can make for an awkward parking job. Nevertheless, it’s best for everybody if great care is taken while parking to ensure cargo is offloaded safely and the road is free from obstruction, at least as much as possible.

8. Arrogant driving

Your rig might be bigger than a typical four-wheel car, but it doesn’t give you ownership of the road. Drivers of small vehicles may be afraid to go up against a truck. The rules of the road should be followed for everybody’s sake.

Be respectful of your fellow drivers

There are no reason cars and trucks can’t share the road in harmony. While nobody’s perfect, it’s in everybody’s best interest to respect the rules and be mindful of fellow drivers. This will only increase safety and decrease the rate of accidents. Be sure, at least for your part; you’re doing the right thing.


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