123Loadboard Backs Vigo, a New Safety Device to Improve Trucking Safety

123Loadboard backs Vigo

123Loadboard, a leading freight matching load board marketplace focused on helping truckers find loads and increase their loaded miles is stepping up their continued commitment to support technology designed to help truckers deliver their loads safely, consequently 123Loadboard backs Vigo.

Announcing this recent backing, Loarn Metzen, VP of 123Loadboard said, “Drowsiness can lead to carrier mishaps on long hauls and we saw a chance to positively impact many lives. We jumped at the opportunity to support Vigo and the continued research and development of new products for the trucking industry.”

Vigo is an innovative headset that can be worn by the trucker. It is designed to analyze blink patterns and head movements to monitor alertness levels and then prompts the trucker to take action when drowsy and in need of a break. Prompts are personalized and can take the form of music, sharp tones, blinking lights or vibrations. Vigo also functions as a Bluetooth headset. According to The American Trucking Association, Hours of Service is the number one concern in the trucking industry.

Wear Vigo

On long hauls, fatigue may affect the driver’s motor skills, causing mishaps. These may be avoided if the driver stays alert by taking a break at regular intervals. A device like Vigo measures the driver’s alertness level and sends a prompt to take a break, thereby helping to improve trucker safety. This is the main reason why 123Loadboard backs Vigo.

Commenting on Vigo Technologies Inc.’s new launch, Loarn said, “The buzz around this new product is momentous and we see the potential for our company to liaise between the truckers and the supplier to showcase this useful product in the trucking marketplace. I am glad we came on board. 123Loadboard is in the perfect position to be involved in the launch of this new safety product because we speak to truckers every day.”

About 123Loadboard

Founded in 2003, 123Loadboard provides a freight matching marketplace for carriers, owner-operators, brokers and shippers to engage with pertinent, easy-to-use trucking tools using the latest technologies to help professional truck drivers find loads and increase their loaded miles. Affordable web and mobile apps allow users to customize their subscription to meet their specific needs. 123Loadboard.com is a trusted source for freight matching, credit, compliance issues, mileage, and routing. 123Loadboard is one of the few load board services where posting loads is still free.

About Vigo

Vigo is a smart Bluetooth headset that helps keep you alert at the wheel. With sensors and an advanced algorithm, Vigo tracks changes in your blinking patterns to detect when you’re dozing off and stimulate you in a number of ways. Vigo is also a fully functional Bluetooth headset with high-quality audio, media streaming, and noise cancelling. Learn more at wearvigo.com.


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