Load Board App Now Includes New Features For Truckers

Responding to recent inquiries, truck drivers are positively raving about the new features that have recently become available on 123Loadboard’s Mobile Load Board App load search platform for iOS and Android phones. Interest in the new features have seen their mobile app downloads skyrocket, thanks to word-of-mouth among truckers.

Load Board App Update

Here’s a list of the key features that are making truckers sit up and take notice and are contributing to the success of the mobile load board app:

Load Board App Displays Return Loads (Backhauls)

Demand for the Backhaul/Return loads functionality was highly requested by truckers. While delivering a load across the country can be highly profitable, it is usually a one-way trip. That’s why 123Loadboard’s new Backhaul/Return load feature that displays loads going back to the point of origin is ideal because it allows the trucker to get additional compensation to warrant the wear on tear on his equipment for the return trip home.

Rate Check

Knowing what a load delivery is worth is key for every trucker so they can make decisions before contacting the broker to contract the load. Rate Check has been added to 123Loadboard’s mobile app to ensure that truckers have access to the average rates per mile to help them estimate load revenues and profits.

Drop Off and Pick Up Dates

“Show me where and when to deal with the loads.” This comment from truckers contributed to the inclusion of this special feature on the mobile app. With the ability to select and organize multi-loads in a single round trip, truck drivers need to know exactly how to plan their time along the route to ensure on-time load drop off and pick up.

Get Paid Faster (Quick Pay)

To manage their cash flow efficiently, truckers need a way to ensure they get paid fast to fund their loads. With as-you-need-it cash available to drivers 24/7, Quick Pay keeps the truck driver rolling by offering fuel advances and fuel cards. Fund your loads with fast, up-front cash payments and fuel advances. Learn more!

If you have not yet tried out these special features on 123Loadboard’s mobile truckloads load board app, make sure you download the app and enable your location to get the full experience. In addition to accessing the new features, using your GPS location will allow you to view loads that are available in your current area.

Now is the perfect time to experience the load board as we are adding new loads every week. We are dedicated to helping truck drivers find loads – whether they are looking to drive locally or across North America. There are more than 150,000 drivers using the app and are loving it. See how other truck drivers rate 123Loadboard’s mobile app by reading their load board reviews.


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