Big Rig Robbers – Tips to prevent cargo theft

Driving a big rig comes with a lot of responsibility. In fact, it can also leave you vulnerable to crimes including cargo theft. The cargo you are carrying can be a target for thieves who are looking for an opportunity to take your cargo and run. Here we offer tips on how to spot trucking thieves along the way and keep your cargo safe.

Cargo Theft

Know the Risks

The most obvious risk for trucking thieves to strike is any time you park and leave your truck. You have to make stops along the way, and thieves know this all too well. Next, your cargo’s perceived value is another risk factor for robbery. Always make sure you know what truck load you are hauling and weigh the risks.

For example, something such as electronics has a high value to thieves who know they can easily sell them and make a killing on the black market. Another high-demand item would be pharmaceuticals. However, even something as seemingly every day and low risk as food can be an enticement for thieves.


Choose companies offering cargo theft training so you understand the issues with theft and how to handle it should it happen to you. Security is an important aspect of your job, and working for companies that understand and address this will make your job safer. Companies with a security culture help reduce your risk of being robbed or worse, hijacked.

Beware of the Red Zone

The red zone is the high-risk area for theft. It is the first 200 miles from your starting point or the first four hours on the road. This is because thieves will lie in wait at companies that ship items they know they can grab and sell easily on the black market.

Know the Hot Spots

Research known hot spots for cargo theft. If you have to travel in these areas, such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, as well as busy cross-through states down south, you need to be hyper-aware and on the lookout for suspicious vehicles that might be stalking you.

Keep It Moving

As mentioned, the highest risk for theft is when you stop. Since long hauls need rest periods, always look for well-lit areas, and limit your time away from the truck. For example, you might choose to eat in the truck instead of in the restaurant. Plan your stops by doing some research and find safe places to stop avoiding high theft areas. A great way is to find secure parking along your route using services such as Relay Parking – truck parking and travel guidance service with locations all across the US to help bring convenient and secure parking spots your way for a small fee.

Park Smart

Try to park in busier areas where there aren’t any obstacles blocking your view or the view of other truckers or customers where you stop. Also park tail to tail with other trucks so thieves can’t open the doors. This will make it more difficult for big rig robbers to work.

Depend on Technology

Learn more about the technology available and also consider taking jobs from companies that have the latest tech available to reduce the risk for theft. This can include GPS tracking devices for the truck and cargo, alarms as well as security seals. Thieves consider these challenges when they choose their targets. You can also look for technology that improves communication with company security or that might even keep an eye on your truck with some sort of closed-circuit camera.

These tips will help you spot remain safe on the road and reduce the risk of cargo theft.


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