123Loadboard Launches GPS-Based Truck Locator

123Loadboard has announced the release of Truck Locator, a next-generation tool to locate real-time GPS verified trucks matching truck freight throughout North America.

Truck Locator

123Loadboard is leading the industry with innovation and has focused on the communication between freight provider and carrier. Freight providers can now locate GPS verified and predictive truck capacity, broadcast an alert with load details to selected carriers, and connect with carriers to get their freight hauled.
Using big data driven technology and real-time positioning, GPS-based Truck Locator provides brokers, third-party logistics companies, and shippers access to actual carrier visibility and truck capacity to help move their freight.

“Our focus is on our customers and we’re continuously researching and building innovative tools. Our GPS-based Truck Locator will definitely improve the freight movement process. Carriers will also benefit by spending less time searching for truck loads because the broker will be reaching them directly through seamless 2-way communication,” said Loarn Metzen, V.P., 123Loadboard.

Connecting digitally without losing time on endless telephone calls and negotiations is a necessary technological step to improve the trucking industry. Leveraging technology and the truck driver’s smart phone to improve connectivity, Truck Locator allows users to:

  1. Find real-time GPS verified truck availability
  2. Connect directly with the right carriers
  3. Broadcast loads through alert notification to a driver’s mobile device
  4. Confirm load details, pick-up/drop-off times, and rates

“Truck Locator provides quick access to real-time available trucks with minimal search effort from the broker. No more wasted time because they can immediately see trucks around their load. They can then reach out to the carrier with pertinent load information to get their freight moving. Creating efficiency is a top priority for 123Loadboard,” continued Loarn.

Brokers searching for trucks now have a clear pathway to start the negotiation process with the carrier. GPS-based Truck Locator’s connectivity offers users an efficient process and visibility while reducing searching time for both the freight provider and the carrier.


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