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Case Study Featuring L.A. Cook of Interstate 48 Transportation: How to Find Available Trucks

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Learn how L.A. Cook of Interstate 48 Transportation, LLC used the load board platform and features from 123Loadboard to speed up onboarding and find available trucks.

The Challenge - How to find available trucks

The Challenge

L.A. Cook is a veteran broker who serves a large customer base. She is always looking for qualified carriers and owner-operators to move her freight. She likes to automatically post loads to several load boards but seeks to increase her carrier network as efficiently as possible without significantly investing more time or energy. Finding newly available trucks is always a priority but investing a lot of time searching for trucks isn’t an option because she has other responsibilities. Consequently, she relies primarily on business coming to her.

Time spent finding and onboarding new carriers is a bottleneck for L.A., and she needs a fast and easy way to exchange information with potential carriers in order to expedite the process. She also needs to be able to update her own information on broker profile pages at a moment’s notice by using software that has an intuitive interface and responsive, personal tech support when she needs it.

The Solution - Find Trucks

The Solution

123Loadboard provides a variety of state-of-the-art tools and features on its platform to facilitate onboarding new carriers and to help find available trucks. Brokers utilize these tools to address their specific needs. In addition to industry-leading load board posting functionality, 123Loadboard offers the following tools:

  • Rate Check: By verifying industry average rates for various lanes, brokers can adjust their prices to maximize profits or make their loads more attractive to carriers.
  • Mileage Calculator: Powered by the industry-leading PC*Miler, the 123Loadboard Mileage Calculator provides exact truck route miles opposed to car miles. It can calculate tolls and factor them into rate calculations as well.
  • MyDocs and SearchDocs: Carriers and brokers can use this tool to upload applicable documents for easy access by counter parties to facilitate onboarding and find available trucks. For example, carriers can upload their authorities, insurance, and W9 information. Brokers can post carrier packets and other relevant information.
  • Free Company Websites: 123Loadboard provides a free website with domain, hosting and design included. The website is search-engine accessible, meaning that results will show in Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. This website is fully controlled by the client, even if that client is not a 123Loadboard member.
  • Automatic Load Board Exporting: 123Loadboard provides automatic exporting via a portable load board to any external client website. Any loads that are posted on a company’s 123Loadboard site will automatically feed to its external website.
  • Search Directory: With over 1.2 million listings, the 123Loadboard search directory provides the ability to search a vast network of shippers, brokers, and carriers. It also links to FMCSA/SAFER databases that provide relevant authority, licensing and insurance information, even if documents were not uploaded through the MyDocs application.
  • Hot Leads (Reverse Lookup): This tool enables brokers to see which carriers have clicked their loads to easily find available trucks. This allows brokers to find and contact carriers who are interested in their loads without wasting time on carriers who are occupied, uninterested or have the wrong equipment. This tool helps brokers find available trucks fast and easy.
  • 123Loadboard Mobile Application: Available for Android and iOS devices, the 123Loadboard mobile application enables brokers to access 123Loadboard on the go. The app is used by thousands of carriers and owner-operators, while they are on the road. The mobile app enables many more carriers to access 123Loadboard, which significantly increases the carrier network available to brokers.

The Result - Find Available Trucks

The Result

L.A.’s business model is predicated on saving time and maximizing efficiency during the onboarding process. Many carriers don’t post their trucks, and L.A. prefers to let them find loads rather than go searching for them. In her words, she doesn’t want to waste a lot of time hunting for business. Instead, she’d rather post her loads and handle business as it comes to her. 123Loadboard lets her do that quickly and easily.

L.A. says the website and mobile apps that 123Loadboard provides and the MyDocs application are invaluable to Interstate 48 Transportation. She uploads her carrier packet in advance so that interested carriers can access and fill it out before they contact her. This speeds the onboarding process and ensures rapid and timely expansion of her truck network. The fact that she can make changes to her website on the fly is also important. Rather than sending changes to someone else to adjust her profile, she is able to do so herself, saving time and ensuring that only the most up-to-date information is listed.

Most importantly, the load board is easy to use and provides a superior customer experience. L.A. says that even though competitors offer many of the same functionalities as 123Loadboard, 123Loadboard provides technology integration support that is second to none. The personal connection is what sets them apart.

“Other vendors have no hands-on or live support,” she says. “I couldn’t give you a single name in any other company that I use, but AJ is the man of the year every year.”

While L.A. still uses several other load boards for her business as a broker, 123Loadboard is her first choice. She first started using 123Loadboard in 2010, and now it accounts for 40 to 45 percent of her total business.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for 123Loadboard,” says L.S. “They’ve been amazing. Most importantly, I trust them.”

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