123Loadboard Partners with PostEverywhere® to integrate Load Posting

123Loadboard announces that their company is integrating with fellow online load-posting platform PostEverywhere with the intention of making the freight posting process more efficient for brokers and shippers. This integration will enable PostEverywhere members to simplify their load posting to 123Loadboard using automation for maximum freight exposure.

Post Everywhere

“This partnership will give our brokers an efficient, automated way to manage their loads for both companies with this simple load posting procedure,” said V.P., Loarn Metzen.

“This simplified process will help our brokers add, edit, cancel, and delete loads in one location while disseminating their loads to other boards, making moving their freight a far more productive endeavor,” continued Loarn.

Brokers will benefit by having more time to spend on important tasks instead of wasting time parsing load files to be posted on multiple load boards. They can post selected loads to their favorite load boards with the simple click of a button and have qualified carriers respond to their exact load requirements. The option to integrate helps to improve the work life of brokers and shippers and will make the freight posting process more efficient for everyone involved.

About 123Loadboard

Founded in 2004, 123Loadboard provides a freight matching marketplace for carriers, owner-operators, brokers and shippers to engage with pertinent, easy-to-use trucking tools using the latest technologies to help professional truck drivers find loads and increase their loaded miles. Affordable web and mobile apps allow users to customize their subscription to meet their specific needs. The company is a trusted source for freight matching, credit, compliance issues, mileage and is one of the few trucking services where posting loads is still free. Visit 123Loadboard for more information.

About Post Everywhere

PostEverywhere® is an online load posting solution that helps shippers and freight brokers post truckloads and LTL simultaneously to over 50 load boards across North America, all from a single user interface. The loads are posted throughout the PostEverywhere® Network of Load Boards, reaching 100,000 carriers, in the time it takes to manually post to just one load board. PostEverywhere® makes posting loads an efficient and productive task, which improves load-coverage responsiveness. As a result of using PostEverywhere®, shippers and brokers increase their load visibility on the market, successfully grow their carrier base and Move More Loads – Faster.


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