Our 2021 Year in review

While this year has had its obstacles, we’ve almost made it through. It’s almost time to put a wrap on 2021. As we look forward to a fresh start for 2022, let’s take a moment to celebrate some successes for the past year.

2021 Accomplishments

2021 was a year of growth despite the entire 123Loadboard team still all working from home. Here are some important items that we were able to accomplish this past year:

  • Improved website and mobile app interface
    • Updated most of our website and mobile apps to provide a more consistent experience – no matter the platform you are using.
  • Added more tools
    • Launched dozens of new carrier and broker features.
  • Ensured uptime and functionality
    • We fixed thousands of bugs to continuously ensure our services remain efficient and online.
  • Expanded product offering 
    • Partnered with many new companies to provide additional benefits to our users.
  • More loads than ever!
    • Registered 2,000+ new brokers and shippers to increase the number of loads available to search through.
  • Better loads to choose from
    • More companies have started posting more detailed loads, including pickup times, drop-off times, weights, length, rates, commodities, etc. Brokers are helping with this initiative.

Thank You For The Love ❤️

We always enjoy hearing what our users have to say.

“An outstanding company. Friendly, professional, and completely 5 stars. I would recommend 123 load board to anyone, thank you. Emma.”

Our current ratings are:

2021 Features Highlights

Bid on Loads

Bidding gives carriers the ability to bid on some loads without needing to call in, negotiate, and book the load. Bidding on loads gives carriers more control and allows them to name their price. The load bidding feature is available directly on the 123Loadboard website and mobile app without the need for phone calls or negotiations – a great way to save time and reduce the hassle of booking a load.

Instant Messaging

The messaging feature allows carriers to book loads quicker. It’s quick, interactive, and secure. Instant messaging is designed specifically to reduce time by using smart automation, so you can spend more of your time being productive.

The communication system on 123Loadboard allows carriers to open a load and start a conversation using the “Message” button.


Customize your profile

You can now customize your profile by adding your own profile photo/avatar. The best part is that it takes less than a minute and it’s fun!

An avatar is an image that visually identifies you. It’s associated with your user information, truck posts, creating a level of personalization within the load board community.

Providing a “face” to a name helps establish legitimacy and adds a human element to your profile. Your profile photo can be a photo of you, your truck, your company logo, anything really that identifies you. Add your profile photo

YouTube channel

We updated our help videos and added many more. We are firm believers that providing the best support to our users will allow them to grow their businesses.

Check out our videos

Shipping Wars

Pretty cool to see our load board being showcased on A&E’s Shipping Wars. ‘Shipping Wars’ follows independent truckers who make their living hauling unusual items traditional carriers would not touch. In case you missed it, here are some images of our desktop and mobile app being used on the show:


Keep an eye out for future episodes – see A&E’s schedule.


Do you have any features you really want to be improved (or created) in 2022? Let us know using the button!

Wishing you a safe holiday season and a prosperous New year!


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