Our 2020 Year in Review

While this year has had its obstacles, we’ve almost made it through. It’s almost time to put a wrap on 2020. As we look forward to a fresh start in the near future, let’s take a moment to celebrate some successes. Here’s our year in review!

2020 review

New Load Board Features

Out with the old, in with the new is our motto for 2021.

This past year, we’ve added many new features to our website and mobile apps including: Email bidding, Dark Mode, Profit Calculator, Advanced Search Filtering, Interactive Historical Freight Rates, and many more. We’ve also improved a few things too, including: Load Availability, Truck Locator, and also added multi-layout load searching.

Update: List-view for load results

list view

New feature: Dark-Mode

dark mode mobile app      dark mode app

New Load Board Partners

With our continued goal to provide our community with a one-stop-shop for all trucking and logistical needs, we’ve partnered up with trucking authority provider Evilsizor, training specialist Shaggy’s Consulting & Training, insurance provider Cornerstone Insurance Services, and roadside assistance provider Rig Nation.

123Loadboard Store Merch Launch

We successfully launched our online merchandise store, offering a full range of branded products. The new online store will provide customers with premium products to match their lifestyle delivered by a reliable network of expediting experts. Shop now!

123Loadboard shop

Customer Success Vs Customer Service

In 2020, the 123Loadboard Team transitioned from Customer Service to Customer Success. The main goal was to focus on ensuring the needs of our members are met and that they are kept happy. This goal aims to drive value from the product rather than simply resolving issues. This is our long-term strategy and it has already started showing huge gains. #CustomerSuccess

Behind the scenes

We’ve continued to improve the speed of our servers and upgraded our IT and API infrastructure. Our downtime was kept to an extreme minimum and most updates were performed during the night when usage is lowest.

Covid-19 and 123Loadboard

The pandemic has defined 2020 for many people, us included. We’ve done our best to communicate with you regularly. We’ve kept business running smoothly for you and managed to keep our employees safe. We’ve almost made it through this very strange year, and we’ve done it together. We’re very happy to have you as a part of the 123Loadboard community. Thank you! We hope you stay healthy; enjoy the holiday season (from a distance) and we’ll see you next year.

Do you have any features you really want to be improved (or created) in 2021? Let us know!


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