123Loadboard Redesigns Load Board Mobile App Using React Native for Advanced Performance and Stability

Montreal, Aug. 20, 2019 — 123Loadboard, a premier provider of freight matching technology, launched its next-generation adaptation of the trucking industry’s highest-rated load board mobile app. The next-gen app was developed using the latest advancements for React Native, the interface targeting mobile platforms used by numerous business giants.

With a focus on flexibility, performance and stability, the React platform offers the ability for rapid product updates, improvements and advancements, along with quicker build speeds. The platform allows developers to share more than 90% of the code base between iOS and Android applications for cross-platform usage.

“This latest release of the 123Loadboard mobile app showcases some prominent features for our truck drivers,” said Loarn Metzen, V.P., 123Loadboard. “The new, redesigned app will allow truck drivers to see loads in actual real-time as they appear on the load board. Carriers receive instant load alerts and are able to use stronger, more detailed filtering tools for advanced searching, sorting and speed.”

123Loadboard mobile app

The freight matching app interface has a purposely designed, clean, structured look with better navigation for improved user flow and experience. 123Loadboard customers will find loads as they appear on screen while searching; their filtered data will load faster; they will be able to post their trucks quickly and easily, and the enhanced map feature will enable them to pinpoint loads around their exact location.

The developers at 123Loadboard are pleased that code sharing across iOS and Android has significantly improved. The development, testing and launch of new features on the mobile apps will be shorter, more consistent and cost-effective. 123Loadboard welcomes this opportunity to provide innovative and advanced features to its load board members using the React Native platform to build unique and original tools quickly.

Loarn Metzen continues, “This is truly an exciting time for us, as our new platform helps us close the gap of automating the movement of freight and create greater cost efficiencies. Our developers will be more productive as we will no longer have to code the same features twice or waste time fixing discrepancies between platforms. More of our effort will be focused on delivering value and enhancing customer experience and productivity.”

About 123Loadboard

Founded in 2004, 123Loadboard provides a freight matching marketplace for carriers, owner-operators, brokers and shippers to engage with pertinent, easy-to-use trucking tools, using the latest technologies to help professional truck drivers find loads and increase their loaded miles. Affordable web and mobile apps allow users to customize their subscription to meet their specific needs. The company is a trusted source for freight matching, credit, compliance issues, mileage and is one of the few trucking services where posting loads is still free. Visit 123Loadboard for more information.

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