LoadzPro Partners with 123Loadboard to Give Carriers Access to Increased Loads in the Freight matching Marketplace

Freight-matching platform, 123Loadboard, and AI-Powered Digital freight company, LoadzPro announce they have teamed up to allow LoadzPro’s carriers to access and search 123loadboard’s load database through LoadzPro’s interface, enabling them to secure and expedite a larger volume of freight.


Members will be able to search, place bids, and book loads for their equipment as well as benefit from real-time visibility of current rates using automated pricing tools. They can also use the profit calculator to forecast their load income. Besides loads, members will be able to access multiple rates, documents, mileage, and routing and credit ratings along with other services readily available within 123Loadboard’s platform.

“Giving carriers and owner-operators access to more loads, current lane rates and profit calculator will provide them with increased hauling opportunities and the ability to forecast and propel their businesses forward. Providing them with more freight from top-quality brokers and shippers will allow them to negotiate more lucrative deals,” says Simon Okeke, CEO, LoadzPro.

Through its on-demand trucking app, LoadzPro will enable its carriers to enhance their load searching ability by being able to add membership to 123loadboard’s freight platform and be able to interact with more freight expediters than ever before. Everyone welcomes added business, and this will allow carriers and owner-operators to haul more and increase their profits.

“Through this partnership, LoadzPro is providing their members with extra loads and delivering on their commitment to help them improve their lifestyle. These carriers can be more selective about the loads they choose and the companies for which they haul and have a chance to increase their income,” says Greg Adourian, CEO, 123Loadboard.

123Loadboard and LoadzPro affirm that teaming up will give drivers more flexibility as they will be able to run additional lanes and have access to more loads than ever. Having more loads at their disposal will influence how they operate as there will be more new opportunities to help them grow their trucking business.

About 123Loadboard

Founded in 2004, 123Loadboard provides a freight-matching marketplace for carriers, owner-operators, brokers, and shippers to engage with pertinent, easy-to-use tools using the latest technologies to help professional truck drivers find loads and increase their loaded miles. Affordable web and mobile apps allow users to customize their subscriptions to meet their specific needs. The company is a trusted source for freight matching, credit, compliance issues, and mileage. Visit https://www.123loadboard.com.

About LoadzPro

Loadzpro leverages AI technology & Insuretech to provide Hot Shot & Semi Truck Owner Operators, full truckload, less than truckload, Refrigerated transportation, Manufactured Goods Transportation, Farm Products Transportation, Steel Transportation, Timber Transportation, Heavy Construction Equipment Transportation, Auto Transport for Car Dealerships, Auctions, Private Individuals, Port and Container Drayage Transportation, air and ocean services to a broad range of customers throughout North America. Visit https://www.loadzpro.com.


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