123Loadboard Announces Partnership and Full Integration with Arcline (2000) Inc

123Loadboard Partnership

123Loadboard is proud to announce that it is partnered and integrated with Arcline (2000) Inc. This partnership allows freight brokers and trucking companies to add, edit, cancel and remove available loads directly on 123Loadboard.

Information automatically sent to 123Loadboard will include: pick-up and delivery date, city, state, special equipment, price being offered, weight, total distance, notes, and contact information. Information can be removed from the Load Board seamlessly from Arcline (2000) Software System for those with the optional time-saving interface.

“We are always looking for new ways to better our services for our members. Integrating with Arcline 2000 is another move in that direction. Freight brokers and trucking companies using Arcline 2000’s optional time saving interface are now be able to send over and advertise their available freight. More available freight on our load board equals long-term customers,” said Loarn Metzen, VP of 123Loadboard.

123Loadboard’s partnership gives the ability to advertise truck loads to potential carriers with the click of a mouse and actively search for trucks that meet individual shipping requirements while expanding your carrier lists. Arcline 2000’s Load Board Integration Module is designed with ease of use in mind and to provide real-time information about loads and trucks in North America.

About 123Loadboard

123Loadboard provides shippers, carriers, owner-operators, and brokers the most comprehensive online freight and truck matching services. By applying the latest technologies, 123Loadboard delivers to members pertinent trucking tools to overcome challenges such as freight matching, credit, compliance issues and routing, while keeping costs affordable.

About Arcline (2000) Inc

Arcline (2000) Inc. is a privately held software development company that produces Transportation Management Software products for Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers. Through strategic partnerships and constant research of current and future trends, Arcline (2000) Inc. is committed to providing customers with the technological tools required to prosper in today’s competitive marketplace. ArcFreight™ and ArcFleet™ products are both available for shipping. Visit Arcline 2000.


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