Posting Aid Software

Posting Aid is a free program that will assist you in uploading and automatically posting your loads to 123Loadboard's marketplace.

Getting started

NOTE: Please ensure that you are speaking with a 123Loadboard representative and that you have an account. If not, create an account or call 877-875-5301, ext. 2 to get started.

Download and install our free program and you’ll be ready to upload your loads within minutes.


Installation and Initial Setup

  1. Create a folder on your desktop or somewhere easily accessible, name it 123loadboard
  2. Download and install Posting Aid
  3. Configure
    • Set your FTP username and password (provided by 123Loadboard)
    • Select the folder you created earlier
    • Adjust the file name
      *.* if you wish to upload every file you copy and paste into that folder
      *.csv if you wish to upload any file with a .csv extenson
      *.xls if you wish to upload any file with a .xls extenson
  4. In Posting Aid, click on Start
  5. You’re all set!
    • Anytime you wish to post your loads to 123Loadboard, simply save or copy your file
      • On your desktop, right-click on the 123loadboard folder and select paste
    • File is uploaded within 15 seconds
    • Important: monitored file is deleted




Simple Software To Help You Post Your Loads

Posting Aid

Easy Configuration

Posting Aid

All set! You are ready to move more loads.

Posting Aid