How do I enable Location Services on my mobile device?

Many aspects of the 123Loabdoard app, such as finding loads near your current location are not optimized unless your Location Services are turned on. With Location Services/Reporting enabled on your device, the 123Loadboard app will default to your current location when it’s opened and a search is entered. You can change this by tapping on the location bar and entering a new one.

To turn on Location Services on an iPhone or iPad 

  1. Tap the Settings application
  2. Tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services
  4. Toggle the switch to On
  5. Scroll down to the 123Loadboard app icon
  6. Select While Using the App or Always

If you’re using an Android device 

  1. Tap the Settings application
  2. Tap Location
  3. Tap Google Location Reporting
  4. Tap Location Reporting
  5. Toggle the switch to On

You can still search for truck loads without turning on Location Services – just make sure that you are removing the “Current location” option when conducting a search, and that you are entering the city or zip code manually.