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Origin City St Destination City St Pickup Equipment Type Size Weight Company Phone No. Miles Credit Score
ELKHORN WI VALLEY CIT ... OH 08/27 Van or Flatbed TL 41000 Details (+) Details (+) 429 Show Details
LAFAYETTE IN ALBUQUERQU ... NM 08/27 Power Only TL Details (+) Details (+) 0 Show Details
LAFAYETTE IN GOLDSBORO NC 08/27 Power Only TL Details (+) Details (+) 0 Show Details
LAFAYETTE IN WORCESTER MA 08/27 Power Only TL Details (+) Details (+) 0 Show Details
SAINT LOUI ... MO PORTLAND OR 08/27 Power Only TL Details (+) Details (+) 0 Show Details
WINONA MN DALLAS TX 08/27 Van TL Details (+) Details (+) 932 Show Details
HAMILTON OH MONTGOMERY AL 08/28 Flatbed or Step Deck TL 40000 Details (+) Details (+) 576 Show Details
BELTSVILLE MD BROOKLAWN NJ 08/28 Flatbed TL 48000 Details (+) Details (+) 122 Show Details
BAY SPRING ... MS HENDERSON TX 08/28 Flatbed TL 48000 Details (+) Details (+) 351 Show Details
BLOOMINGTO ... MN HARTFORD SD 08/28 Flatbed TL 48000 Details (+) Details (+) 232 Show Details
BIRMINGHAM AL DECATUR GA 08/29 Van or Reefer TL Details (+) Details (+) 151 Show Details
KENNER LA TEMPLE TX 08/29 Van or Reefer TL Details (+) Details (+) 502 Show Details
MEDLEY FL WALNUT CA 08/29 Van or Reefer TL Details (+) Details (+) 2714 Show Details
BOHEMIA NY BUFFALO NY 09/02 Van Air-Ride TL 35000 Details (+) Details (+) 442 Show Details
KANSAS CIT ... KS LIMA OH 09/02 Van or Reefer TL Details (+) Details (+) 661 Show Details
BOHEMIA NY MEMPHIS TN 09/03 Van Air-Ride TL 40000 Details (+) Details (+) 1151 Show Details
BIRMINGHAM AL LITHONIA GA 09/04 Van or Reefer TL Details (+) Details (+) 175 Show Details
BIRMINGHAM AL SANFORD FL 09/05 Van or Reefer TL Details (+) Details (+) 584 Show Details
ROME GA COLUMBUS IN 09/06 Van or Reefer TL Details (+) Details (+) 448 Show Details
TUCSON AZ BOULDER CI ... NV 10/06 Power Only TL Details (+) Details (+) 0 Show Details
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