123Loadboard Partners with ShipmentX to offer seamless Load Posting, Load Searching & Truck Posting while providing Shippers, Brokers and service providers with end-to-end visibility.

Houston, TX, Nov 29, 2021 – Freight matching platform 123Loadboard and Visibility management platform ShipmentX, announce they are providing an integration of services through ShipmentX to allow shippers, brokers and carriers to access 123Loadboard’s freight matching marketplace to make load searching and freight booking more efficient for their members.

Partner ShipmentX

This comprehensive integration will allow members to access 123Loadboard services through the ShipmentX platform and enable them to experience load searching in real time as freight is added by brokers and shippers via their ShipmentX subscription (a valid membership to 123Loadboard is required). Besides loads and trucks, members will be able to access rates, documents, mileage, and routing and credit ratings along with other services readily available within the integration.

“This integration allows ShipmentX and 123Loadboard shippers to gain end-to-end visibility and view competitive rates and credit ratings from within their own applications. Access to such robust, real-time data goes a long way in helping clients operate logistics with reliability,” says Sudhakar Vintha, Founder & CEO, ShipmentX.

123Loadboard is a top-rated, freight matching platform and their members can now effectively search and access load information through ShipmentX quickly and easily enabling them to secure and expedite the right freight faster. ShipmentX strives to bring transparency into the freight matching and logistics ecosystem to drive sustainable long term business relationships.

“Through the power of this integration with ShipmentX, 123Loadboard members can look forward to managing their fleets using the load searching connectivity solution. They can view truck-specific routing, real-time re-routes, and easily submit their bids to instantly book loads and get paid faster,” says Loarn Metzen, V.P., 123Loadboard.

123Loadboard and ShipmentX confirm that this integration partnership will empower their customers to effectively operate their freight moving businesses with greater efficiency, reduce redundancies and enable them to sustain profitability at scale.

About 123Loadboard

Founded in 2004, 123Loadboard provides a freight matching marketplace for carriers, owner-operators, brokers, and shippers to engage with pertinent, easy-to-use tools using the latest technologies to help professional truck drivers find loads and increase their loaded miles. Affordable web and mobile apps allow users to customize their subscription to meet their specific needs. The company is a trusted source for freight matching, credit, compliance issues, mileage.

About shipmentX

ShipmentX is a leading E2E visibility platform for shippers, Transporters, and logistics service providers. Leveraging the power of the shipmentX cloud-based platform that offers insightful visibility for stakeholders anywhere in the supply chain. Organizations can increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve shipping performance, and deliver exceptional customer experience by bringing a high degree of visibility into their TMS application ecosystem. ShipmentX solutions are built around the idea of eliminating waste and reducing carbon footprint for every entity in the ecosystem while allowing businesses to scale rapidly enough to keep pace with partners and clientele.

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