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Search for Loads & Trucks - 24/7 Search for Loads & Trucks - 24/7™ offers flexible search capabilities allowing you to find exactly what you're looking for. Our search functionality is accurate and comprehensive. Using™, you can search according to virtually any freight or truck criteria.

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Live Load & Truck Listings Live Load & Truck Listings
All load and truck search results display their AGE. Thousands of companies post to our website daily and having the ability to view the AGE of the listings, helps you call loads and trucks that have just been posted. The “AGE” column can be easily sorted by clicking the column header.

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Favorites & Last Searches Favorites & Last Searches
Stop wasting time re-typing the same searches over and over. Our Favorites & Last Searches drop-down feature allows you to quickly choose a specific search that you saved as one of your favorites or a search that you recently performed (i.e. Last Searches).

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Load & Truck Matching Load & Truck Matching
Instantly match your currently posted loads and trucks. Optional matching options are available to filter down matches found. Matching options include: "Destination Point Matching", "Exact Date Match" and "Exact Equipment Type Match".

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Favorites & Last Searches Load Payment Rates
What good is a load posting without important information being listed? Get accurate load information including load payment rates, load weight, load size, load commodity, and more.™ strives to get as much information as possible to help you decide on what load you wish to haul.

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Credit Reports Credit Reports
(including credit ratings & days-to-pay)

Save time and money on your due diligence. Don’t depend on luck, use credit information you can trust. Load search results display detailed credit information to help you weed out the people you wouldn’t want to do business with. These include:

  • Credit Ratings
  • Average Days-to-Pay
  • Full Legal Name
  • Authority Information
  • Years in Business
  • Bonding Information

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Load & Truck Post Archived Posting FMCSA & SAFER Lookups
Stay on top with up-to-date information. Load and truck search results display FMCSA and SAFER information in order to help you qualify brokers & carriers, track safety ratings, SafeStat scores, insurance and operating authority. Get access to detailed carrier and broker information to:

  • Reduce potential liability and risk
  • Monitor your business partners
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork.

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Mileage Routing and Toll Costs Mileage, Routing and Toll Costs (by PC*MILER)
Our load board automatically calculates PC*MILER truck specific mileage, routing and toll costs.

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Free Company Websites Free Company Websites is pleased to provide all members with their own corporate website. This is a free service offered to all Premium Plan members and includes a domain name, hosting, unlimited e-mail accounts and your own personalized loadboard.

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Search Directory Search Directory (1.2 million listings)
Quickly lookup carriers, brokers and shippers and get additional information about them. Our search directory is updated daily and contains over 1.2 million listings.

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Rate Check Rate Check Add-on!
Quickly measure the profitability of truck lanes. Estimate the average State-to-State load rate per mile and your load revenue. Quickly view detailed routing, maps, the state-by-state mileage report and toll costs.

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Load Planner Load Planner New!
Plan/book ahead multiple loads by selecting where you are now and where you want to be in a few days. Then with the help of our state-of-the-art freight search engine, we will locate a sequence of the MOST profitable loads taking into account total mileage, driving time, deadhead mileage, fuel and toll costs.

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Looking for truck loads and great trucking tools to help you succeed?’s free mobile apps helps professional truck drivers find loads to haul throughout the US and Canada. Never worry about deadheading again by easily searching through millions of loads found annually on’s freight matching network.

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