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Associations (10)

Companies involved in the trucking and shipping industry and the education of the essential nature of the trucking business. 

Authority & Licensing (3)

Companies providing trucking permits and dealing in authorities/licensing. 

Broker Training (4)

Companies providing training and schooling for truckers. 

Brokers (18)

Individuals and companies involved in the brokering and booking of cargo, freight and of trucks to carry loads. 

Carriers (LTL) (4)

Companies which own or operate trucks which carry less than trailer loads (LTL) of cargo and freight. 

Carriers (TL) (5)

Companies which own or operate trucks which carry full trailer loads (TL) of cargo and freight. 

Collections (3)

Companies involved in the collection of account receivables. 

Compliance (1)

Companies arranging for trucking companies documentation and authorizations required by various levels of Government. 

Expedited Trucking (0)

Companies that deal in the expedited, just-in-time freight industry. 

Factoring (Fast Cash) (1)

Companies involved in the factoring of invoices. Companies issuing loans to truckers. 

Fleet Management (0)

Companies specializing in fleet management. 

Freight Audit (0)

Companies involved in the examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy and to correct the accounts. 

Freight Forwarders (1)

Companies which contract with shippers to carry freight and cargo either by land, sea or air. 

Freight Matching (1)

Companies specializing in matching freight with trucks. 

Fuel & Prices (5)

Suppliers, dealers and price of fuel for the trucking industry. 

GPS (2)

Companies supplying GPS (Global Positioning System) technology service and equipment to trucking companies and dispatchers. 

Health and Fitness (1)

Health and Fitness for Trucking Professionals 

Heavy Hauling (1)

Companies specializing in moving heavy, awkward, odd and high loads. 

Insurance (10)

Companies specializing in the provision or the issuance of insurance cover for the trucking and truck brokerage industry. 

Intermodal Trucking (1)

Companies specializing in intermodal trucking service of all kinds. 

Legal & Tax (0)

Companies providing tax and legal help for truckers. 

Logistics (3)

Business planning the framework for the management of material, service, information and capital flows. 

Lubricants (2)

Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in oily or slippery substances. 

Manufacturers (1)

Companies manufacturing equipment - other than trucks - used in the trucking industry. 

Maps & Mileage (2)

Companies servicing the transportation industry by helping minimize wasted time by finding accurate mileage and directions to your destination. 

Miscellaneous (1)

Companies or individuals providing services to the trucking industry not otherwise specified in this listing. 

Moving (4)

Companies active in the moving industry. 

Pilot Cars (Escorts) (11)

Companies helping with the transport of oversize loads. 

Publications (6)

Periodic paperback trucking publishers (i.e. trucking magazines, newspapers, etc). 

Recruiting (0)

Companies specializing in recruiting services for the trucking and truck-brokering industry. 

Safety Products (0)

Companies supplying safety equipment to the freight hauling industry. 

Sales (New) (1)

Companies selling new equipment or trucks. 

Sales (Used) (9)

Companies selling used equipment or trucks. 

Software (Broker/Trucking/Planning) (18)

Computer software specific for the trucking and freight brokerage industry. 

Truck Maintenance (2)

Companies specializing in the maintenance and service of trucks, other trucking equipment, and cars. 

Truck Manufacturers (6)

Companies manufacturing trucks. 

Truck Parts (2)

Companies manufacturing and or dealing in parts used in the trucking industry. 

Truck Shows (0)

Companies and organizations providing equipment to or staging truck shows. 

Truck Stops (5)

Truck stops across North America. 

Trucking Community (3)

Discussion groups and areas for trucking companies and truckers. 

Trucking Jobs (17)

Companies displaying job availabilities and applications. 

Trucking Portals (4)

Companies relaying important trucking industry information. 

Trucking Products and Services (11)

Companies involved in the manufacture, distribution of or supply of products and services for the trucking industry. 

Warehousing (1)

Companies providing warehousing and storage facilities. 

Weather (0)

Companies and web-sites providing weather information. 

Wireless Products (1)

Companies and web-sites providing wireless products and services to truckers, such as Wireless Internet Connection, WI-FI, etc. 


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Average domestic air fares in the fourth quarter of 2008 of $347 were 3.7 percent lower than the all-time quarterly high set in the third quarter but were still the highest for any fourth quarter on record, the U.S...

February 2009 Surface Trade with Canada and Mexico Fell 30.9 Percent from February 2008

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