123Loadboard Partners with MacroPoint

123Loadboard Partners with MacroPoint

123Loadboard, the freight matching service for the trucking industry, has partnered with MacroPoint to offer cellular phone-based solutions that allow for location tracking of any posted load or truck.

This new state-of-the-art service will allow our members to track the location of ALL their loads. The location of any load can be tracked including brokered loads hauled by 3rd parties, owner operators, or even within your own fleet.

“Our partnership with MacroPoint will definitely help owner-operators build stronger relationships with brokers and shippers by giving them real-time access on their location. This reassurance will allow our members to generate more new business.” said Orazio Mauro, Logistics Specialist & Analyst of 123Loadboard.

Bennett Adelson, MacroPoint’s president, added that “123Loadboard.com’s unique implementation of MacroPoint technology is the transportation industry’s first service that allows both parties (broker and carrier) within a brokered freight transaction to directly receive automated and verifiable location updates on the freight.”

“To promote this new state-of-the-art tracking service, 123Loadboard.com and MacroPoint are offering all members with a $25 credit that can be applied towards tracking.” continued Orazio.

About MacroPoint

At MacroPoint, our purpose is clear: Deliver a cost effective, third-party load tracking solution engineered to “Track ANY Load.” Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, our staff is committed to delivering an automated location tracking solution built to tackle the real-world challenges of today’s freight brokers, 3PLs, and shippers. We understand the importance for accurate, third-party validated tracking information. And, we also understand the need for a cost-effective system capable of tracking every truck driver, regardless of the technology they currently have in their cabs. Since 2009, we have been committed to building a solution capable of delivering on both fronts.


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