Do I need experience in trucking or moving to use your load board?

To register to our load board you do not need authority or prior trucking experience. However, some brokers will ask you for your authority information prior to releasing the load details.

To get Interstate authority you do not need prior experience. In order to obtain Interstate household goods authority, you must simply be able to certify that you are fit, willing and able to exercise the special care associated with transporting household goods.

To obtain household goods operating authority from New York State, you or a key employee need 2 years of experience with a licensed mover and a bona fide place of business in New York to apply and you must attend a household goods conference at which time your fitness will be assessed. To obtain “property except household goods” authority you do not need prior experience.

If you would like to apply for trucking or moving operating authority call DOTAuthority at (888) 414-1874 or visit them online for authority and licensing.