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Banner Advertising


Banner ads on 123Loadboard’s website and mobile apps are seen by thousands daily, including carriers, owner-operators, brokers, and shippers. Banner ads are click generated and link your customers to your website. Rates start as low as $500 per month. Learn more by downloading our Media Kit.


Big Box (300 x 250)

The big box banner appears on the right side of all our blog posts making it one of the first things a viewer sees.



Additional big box banners are located on our blog posts providing great exposure.

Banner Ad - Blog


Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixels)

The skyscraper banner appears on the right side of all member (ie. internal) web pages making it the most prominent banner ad placement on 123Loadboard with the highest click-through-rate.



Custom Leaderboard (720 x 120)

The custom leaderboard banner appears on the navigation menu on the member (ie. internal) web pages. It is the largest ad on 123Loadboard and covers 1/3 of the menu area.

Custom Leaderboard


Horizontal (225 x 45)

The horizontal banner appears on the bottom of all member (ie. internal) web pages making it one of the last things users see before going to another page of leaving the site.

Horizontal Ad


Mobile App (320 x 50)

The mobile app banner appears at the bottom of all mobile app downloads for guest users. Our Android and iOS mobile apps have been downloaded over 150,000 times and we now have more users on our apps than our website.

Mobile App




Internal Messaging


123Loadboard offers advertisers the ability to send our load board members an internal message (similar to email). The advantage of using Internal Messaging is that your message won’t find the SPAM folder compared to regular email marketing. Rates start as low as $600 per month. Learn more by downloading our Media Kit.


1. New message alert when user signs in on any desktop

Once a member logs into their account they get notified that they have a new message:


SpacerInternal Messaging - New message


2. Message available in user’s Inbox

Once the user clicks the message alert icon on the dashboard it will open their Inbox and display the message subject, sent date and message type (i.e. announcement, promotion, notice, etc).

Internal Messaging - Inbox


3. Message contents delivered

Once a user clicks the message subject, the content will automatically open and be displayed for the user to view. You have the option to display images, text, call-to-actions, links, etc.

Internal Messaging - Content


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