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Single Load & Truck Posting Single Posting - 24/7
Single posting in a matter of seconds. Posting is always FREE and we will work with your business to provide custom posting solutions. Features include city spell checking, easy map selection and many more tools.

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Multiple Load & Truck Posting Multiple Posting - 24/7
Post multiple listings in a matter of seconds. Posting is always FREE and we will work with your freight business to provide custom posting solutions. Features include easy duplication of listings using the copy/paste function, city spell checking and much more.

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Post by Email, FTP, Internet, etc. Truck and Freight Posting by Email, FTP, Internet
We know that manually uploading requires time. That’s why we offer a variety of options to automate the process. If your company has available postings in Email format, on a spreadsheet such as Excel, a text file, or live on a website, contact our posting department at 1-877-875-5301 (option 3) and we will get them posted on our website.

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Load & Truck Post Management Post Management
Our management page allows you to view, edit and manage your current posts and to quickly post additional new freight. Posting management features include the ability to "Match", "Export", "Refresh", "Map", "Email" and much more.

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Load & Truck Post Archived Posting Archived Listings
Easily view and quickly repost your archived and favorite listings. Why waste time reposting if the ones you wish to post are the same as you previously archived? Repost by clicking the Repost button located on each specific row.

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Load & Truck Matching Easy Matching
Instantly match your currently available listings. Optional matching options are available to filter down matches found. These include: "Destination Point Matching", "Exact Date Match" and "Exact Equipment Type Match".

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Carrier Monitor Carrier Monitor
Qualify carriers quickly and move more freight with immediate access to Licensing, Insurance and safety information. Our automatic monitor will notify your company of any charges in a carrier’s authority, insurance or safety records. Carrier monitoring is critical to long-term success in the broker industry. Key benefits and features:

  • Reduce your potential legal risk
  • Reduce your time spent validating carriers
  • Hire quality carriers with due diligence
  • Print carrier snapshots for your records

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Search Directory Search Directory
Quickly lookup Carriers, Brokers and Shippers and get additional information about them. Our search directory is updated daily and contains over 1.2 million listings.

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Hot Leads Hot Leads
Easily search through carrier load search logs and locate carrier leads. Search results are updated in real-time and contain over 1,000,000 records.

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Rate Check Rate Check Add-on! New!
Quickly measure the profitability of truck lanes. Estimate the average State-to-State load rate per mile and your load revenue. Quickly view detailed routing, maps, the state-by-state mileage report and toll costs.

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